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Undefeated roulette tricks vs forex?

i'm new in this forex stuff (not even starting yet) & first time visiting Forex. But i've read that forex basically gambling (guessing either it goes up or down, and you got previous data as reference). I'm also read about foolproof gambling tricks that works in real life roulette. Basically it goes like this :
  1. bet $1 on red - if you win, repeat step 1.
  2. if you lose, bet $3. if you win, repeat step 1.
  3. if you lose again, bet $6. if you win, repeat step 1.
  4. if you lose again, bet $14. if you win repeat step 1.
  5. if you lose again, bet $31. if you win, repeat step 1
so, can this be apply on forex trading? (there's lot ads about forex trading apps, thinking to try it) can't profit big, but seem cant lose either. might be a good strategy. any thought?
edit 1 : what i mean in this forex is binary options, which some forex trading apps operates.
edit 2 : it takes 5 unlucky trading before $55 account blown off. is that really common to get 5 unlucky trading in a row?
edit 3 : here's the math (cnp from reply)
some forex apps (like expert option or olymp trade) operate on binary option (this is unregulated securities?) where usually they give 80% return on trade. the math goes like this :
  1. $1 trade and win = $0.80 profit
  2. lose then $3 trade and win = $2.4 - $1 (lose) = $1.4 profit
  3. lose then $6 trade and win = $4.8 - $4 (lose) = $0.8 profit
  4. lose then $14 trade and win = $11.2 - $10 (lose) = $1.2 profit
  5. lose then $31 trade and win = $24.8 - $24 (lose) = $0.8 profit
edit 4 : some reply said **binary options type forex trading apps** are scam & fraud. bummer. maybe trading via smartphone isnt easy as i thought.
edit 5 : still, add some ability to reading indicator & chart could help avoiding 5 unlucky trading in a row. damn, if i'm a programmer, i'll make a trading bots based on this idea xD

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4 things you should know that will make you a better trader

Hi Redditors, This is a content that I wrote that I hope it will help you in your trader! Read on :)

Knowing your Commitment

Being honest about your commitment to Forex is very important. If you are working 8-5 daily — it’s already 7pm when you are home — and the strategy you are using, require you to be in front of your computer for 5 hours waiting for signal then you might want to change to another strategy. As you may find committing to this strategy in a long run impossible or you have to change a certain part of your lifestyle to compensate time for trading.
Sort your priorities before coming up with a schedule for the trading strategy you plan to use. This will help you to have a better organization and balance in both trading and your personal life. This way, you do not have to sacrifice your top priorities.


Anything can happen any time when it comes to trading!
When you are trading with real money, adjust your stop loss to a comfortable level, in the way you do not have to worry even if you lose. It varies depending on your risk appetite: I set my stop loss to 2% of my account per trade, while some people set their stop-loss at 10% of their account. Previously when I set my stop loss level at 5% of my account, I realized I was in constant fear when the trade was in the Red zone (losing money). That is when I know I have to lessen my stop loss.
Having said that, you need to know it takes time before the market can hit your take profit.
You have to know that trading forex cannot make you an overnight millionaire — it is about being consistent. Likewise, you don’t expect to hit the gym for just a week and become the next Mr. Olympia. Forex is all about constantly keeping track of how your strategy is reacting to the current market, and knowing when to change and where to change. This is why I recommend you to keep a journal to record all the trades that you have done.

Risk: Reward ratio

The Risk and Reward ratio is one of the primary factors that will make you a profitable trader. The ratio emphases on how willing you are to risk to achieve your take profit. For example, if your R: R is 1: 2 and the Pivot Bar Strategy (GBP/JPY) is a 40pip: 80pip, you know that with every 2 losses you need 1 winning trade to break-even. Similarly, if your strategy only has 50% chance of being correct (equivalent to a coin toss), you will have a winning strategy right there. (Let’s do the math!) With every 10 trades you make — 5 wins (400pips) and 5 losses (200pips) — you have an overall profit of 200pips after deducting all your losses,
This is all part of your risk management, and all good traders know it is not how good you can make profit, but how well you can manage risk that will make you a profitable trader In a long run.


Many people say that speculators (Trader who trade short-term time-frame) are gamblers, which I agree to a small extent: we trade with the odds in our favour like how player count cards¹ in blackjack. In the same manner, when the odds are in our favour, we have an edge against the house.
So let’s talk about the roulette table where the house has an edge against the player. Many may think that the roulette table is a 50/50 game, well is not. Because of the 0 and 00, this makes the roulette table have an edge over players. Let’s do the math, you only bet on colours (Black or Red) the chances of you hitting is 18/38 that’s approximately 47.37%. The casino and because of the 0 and 00 the casino have an edge of 2.63%, this number might seem small but it kills. If you would gamble with a capital of $100 and $20 for every bet, the odds are you are not going to win big in the long run or you might even lose it all.
What makes forex different? When you have the correct mindset, proper risk management (Risk: Reward ratio) and you test your strategy before using it on the live market. You will have an edge, is definitely not easy getting everything right, if it is, everybody will quit their day job and trade. Forex is not for the faint-hearted, you have to put in the effort to be a profitable trader.

I am still working towards on becoming a profitable trader and I hope you would embark on this journey with me. We can learn and explore how we can all be profitable traders in the forex market. My next content post will be teaching you on how you can back-test your strategy and journaling.

  1. count cards - Card game strategy in blackjack that players use to decrease the house edge by keeping a tally of all the high and low valued cards seen by the player. It allows players to bet more with less risk when the count gives them an advantage and minimize their loss when the count is not a favourable one.
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Casino gamblers lose 70% of the time Forex 96% of the time

I have been trading Forex for a pretty long time. I do price action mostly, I use levels you name it and I can win 10 trades in a row easily and for some reason long term it takes 1 trade to wipe me out. I used stops but my broker is an ECN and widen the spreads right as I approach my TP level. The only way to close the trade is to watch it with no SL. Even when I use SL Ill go through long winning streaks and then it takes 1 losing streak to wipe me out
When I had a lot of money I used to gamble frequently played poker, made and loss money roughly 50% of the time. I used to play roulette and I won a lot of money frequently playing basic strategy. Now with Forex I have done an insane amount of research I followed and filtered through thousands of people on Myfxbook, Mql5 you name it and no one wins long term! They usually trade with massive drawdown to keep winning but eventually they can't recover from the drawdown all of them! What they do when they blow up an account they delete the other profile and start again.
Statistics are 70% of casino gamblers lose and 96% and possibly more Forex traders lose everything or lose overall!
I just did a basic Googe search to find the 96%
Some reports say 20-38% of traders win and make money and 100% lose money on there first account. Those are around the same odds of walking into a casino and putting your money into a random slot machine. Would you go to a casino every day to make a living?
Are any of you part of the 4% or less who actually frequently make a living for years at Forex? If so what's your winning strategy?
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